This is where I’ll keep all the information I have and am willing to share on the books I’m writing, either solo or co-writing, and I’ll update it as soon as I can.  In general, here’s the stuff I’ve either done or am in the process of doing:


The Devil and Casari (Series):
When Father Guilio Casari saves a teenage boy from committing suicide, he finds himself heading down the path of saving the boy from the demons who have made it their mission to kill him.  Why do the demons want Jeremy dead, and how far will they go to make it happen?  Giulio will need the help of an estranged Catholic, Patti, who also finds herself pulled into Jeremy’s sphere…and his demons’.


Book 1 (Ad Hominem) is done, processed, and out the door.  You can buy it on Kindle or in paperback from Amazon, whatever floats your boat.  About half the people who have bought it that I’ve been able to talk to told me they stopped reading around Chapter 13 because it was too scary.  I think that’s a compliment…but only so long as they pick it up and finish it later.

In all seriousness, though, it can be a pretty scary book and somewhat terrifying subject matter.  This is the real deal Catholic thought on how angels and demons work.  If you’re interested, check out my preview chapters; if you want more, it’s real cheap on Kindle.

NOTE: If you’re a book reviewer, drop me a line and we’ll work out getting you a copy.

Book 2 (Fide et Opera) is still development, but I’ve got a good start on the first few chapters and an outline of the book.  I know where the series is going, I know how many books I’m planning to do, and this is a good stepping stone towards the mid-to-late game of the series.  Our heroes will tackle issues such as Santa Muerte, haunted houses/apparitions, persecution of Catholics in our ‘multicultural’ world, and so forth.

More information on this series can be found HERE.

The Blood and Empire Saga
When Riordan of the Clan of the Bear finds a group of friends slaughtered, he starts an investigation that will shake the very foundation of his society’s beliefs.  Beginning at the end of a seven year war with a technologically superior Empire, Riordan must bring the Clans together using their Mystic-made Blood – a substance that allows the Clans to take on the powers of the animal skins they wear – in order to hunt down and destroy the enemy that wishes to destroy them!

Kevin and I are working on Book 2 roughly titled Gideon’s March.  My fault it isn’t being done faster – TDaC BK 1 just pulled me and wouldn’t let go.

More information on Blood and Empire can be found HERE.


The Twenty Three Cities
In order to secure long lasting peace, 23 cities submit a single hostage each to the famed philosopher Murakanae, who agrees to teach them in seclusion for a period of ten years.  When the city gates open, the new rulers will emerge and take their places at the head of their respective cities.  Will the emerging rulers work peacefully for the betterment of all, or will rivalries and bitterness from inside follow them home?

This was my NaNoWriMo 2015 project and was something sitting on my mental shelf of ideas for a while.  Finally decided it was time to do something about.  While I technically failed at the challenge of completing 50k words, I succeeded at getting a good chunk (30k) in and finding a groove.  I hope to complete a rough draft by the end of 2015 and get some beta comments.  Odds are very, very, very good that this is direct to Kindle.

More information on The Twenty Three Cities can be found HERE


Untitled Fantasy Saga
Man this one’s going to be awesome if I ever decide to let it see the light of day.  Originally begun some time towards the end of High School, I pecked at it for a while during college, especially during the summer between my (I think) sophomore and Junior year when I couldn’t find a job.  Really worked on it a lot towards the end of college after I set myself a goal to finish before graduation…so I guess it’s good I took 5 years to graduate instead of the standard 4.  Whatever.

High points include evil invaders, multiple races of creatures, intelligent villains, naive and not so naive heroes, moral ambiguity (though not like Game of Thrones ambiguity), magic, battles, betrayal, love, talking animals (sort of), and on and on.  One I wrote and was proud of, then went back and read the first few chapters and vomited.  Started a rewrite, got married, got sidetracked, got lost, started writing something else, and just plain got too scared to go back to because I know how much work it will be to correct.  Maybe one day when I’m rich and famous….

More information (though less than is actually here) can be found HERE.


Untitled Zombie Story
Yet more untitled and unfinished stuff.  Yet another thing I got about halfway through and stopped.  This one was an interesting experiment in how I handed off chapters to and fro, carrying things on simultaneously while pushing action forward.  Got stuck in a one particular chapter with one specific cool scene that I rewrote 4 or 5 times before putting it off to the side to get back to “later”.  Yeah, code word for, “probably never”, with the probably being omitted in my head.  Still, one day, if I’m ever rich and famous, blah, blah, blah.

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